Cat Adoption Form

Felix Rossiter

Felix is an easy-going boy who has only a few things on his wish list; His favourite treats, an open window he can stare out of as he lazes the day away and a comfy bed to nap on.



Jaele is a friendly, gentle girl who enjoys the company of her dog and cat housemates, but is also happy to spend time by herself on a sunny window sill.


Grace Buckingham

Meet Grace – a big girl with a lovely personality.  Grace loves food, playing with string, having a cuddle on your lap, particularly if there is a fluffy blanket involved. 



Orlando enjoys human interaction – he loves cuddles, laps, pats. We are still working on his being held but he loves nothing more than to curl up and snooze in his carer’s lap.


Milly Isherwood

Milly needs someone to love and to be loved. Milly is an exceptionally, shy girl and needs a quiet home, where her people will allow her time to settle and adjust, without expectation of her.



Hanna is a little girl with a lot of personality. She loves the company of both cats and people; she will greet you when you come home and chatters to you when she needs a treat or playtime.


Frankie Quartermain

This little purr machine can be shy at first, but once she is comfortable has got so much love to give. Frankie will head bump pretty much anything around her in anticipation of getting a cuddle or scratch behind the ear.


Russell Nickleby

Russell is looking for a foster carer or adopter. Russell came to us in very poor condition, with a previously damaged tail, skinny, sad and with eyes that had almost given up hope.


Pumpkin Ortiz

Pumpkin needs an adopter and/or foster carer. Can you help?  NOTE: PUMPKIN IS FIV POSITIVE. Pumpkin is a gorgeous boy, who is looking for a home in which to settle and where he will be loved. 


Sally Polkington

Sally Polkington loves to chat with you, play with her mousey toys and share the couch. You will be her everything and she will adore you so much she would prefer a home where she is the only pet.


Rafael Ortiz

Rafael is a gorgeous boy. He is wary when approached and will avoid being picked up. Once he is in your arms though, this smoochy boy cannot get enough pats, cuddles and scratches.