Happy Tails

  • Louie Olayinka

    Louie Olayinka

    Louie Olayinka has settled in really well with our family and our other pets. He loves being with the family and going on his daily walk…

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  • Honey Balfour

    Honey Balfour

    She has Spotty our 10 year old tenter field terrier and Pip our new rescue cat as friends and company and our three teenage daughters who adore her…

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  • Tilly Quintana

    Tilly Quintana

    Tilly has turned 19 now and all is going well with her. She enjoys her food and enjoys sleeping on the end of our bed…

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  • Murphy (formerly Davie)

    Murphy (formerly Davie)

    He has been a great companion for our other jack russell, Rosie, he loves his daily walks…

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  • Sable Wintergreen

    Sable Wintergreen

    It has been nearly 4 years since I saw the urgent request for a foster carer for little Sable Wintergreen. (rescued from Melton Pound by VicDRG). My two adolescent sons were sceptical about me ‘fostering’ another dog, given I was already a once failed foster carer…

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  • Illy


    We changed his name to Illy when we got him as we though it suited him better. Illy is quite simply the best dog I could ever ask for. He works with me and helps me train and desensitise nervous, anxious, excited and reactive dogs. He helps with classes and is a calming influence on all dogs that meet him…

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  • Soul


    Soul is now called Ziggy - he has already easily picked up his new name and is very happy. We have named him after David Bowie (I am a very big fan!). We also think it suits his personality and his new life :) …

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  • Pumpernickel


    Pumpernickel has now been renamed as Pippi. She loves the garden and will always show off if we are out there with her…

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  • Willow


    Willow came to us with some anxiety and fears which led to her not being great with other dogs. She progressed with her carer but needed a peaceful home with people who understood her…

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  • Billy Smith

    Billy Smith

    Billy is settling in to our home really well. Loves being an indoor dog, loves his daily walks and has a new found family of 3 other dogs to play with…

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  • Basil (formerly Callum)

    Basil (formerly Callum)

    This is our lovely Basil formerly Callum. What a difference? His sibling Caleb was abandoned by his family at the Lost Dogs Home …

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  • Django (formerly Valentine)

    Django (formerly Valentine)

    Our little Django (formerly Valentine) has been with us now for nearly 3 years. He came to us at just 5 months old and a quiet a gentle little boy with a bad case of cherry eye…

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  • Mitchell


    Dear Little Mitchell came to us from Cassie, another VicDRG foster carer, and so began the story of a deeply felt, lifelong love…

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  • Reggie and Abby

    Reggie and Abby

    Six months ago Little kitten Reggie told Abby that he and his best friend and fellow kitten Magic would find their home together…

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  • Jai


    Here's our lovely Jai!! He had to wait quite a while for his home. Fortunately he had a patient foster carer and she was as fussy as we were. Jai is a sensitive soul and he's so lucky he has gone to acreage…

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  • Ruby Zee

    Ruby Zee

    Ruby Zee says she just loves life down the peninsula in her new home!!…

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  • Sassy (formerly Bianca)

    Sassy (formerly Bianca)

    I adopted Sassy through VicDog Rescue about 5 years ago and I absolutely adore her. She's a big, gorgeous, goofy girl with the most gentle and placid nature and happy disposition - all who meet her are moved by her gentle energy…

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  • Ruby M

    Ruby M

    We had Ruby M with us SO long, she was one of our front page dogs, the ones that are there because they have usually some sort of story and take a while to rehome. No one wanted Ruby – but us – and now look at her…

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  • Max


    Max is such a good companion for Jackson the mini schnauzer. They are sooo funny, they tear around the house chasing each other…

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  • Nelson


    Nelson is a very placid young boy who has brought extra love and happiness into our home for us, and Indy…

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Read the stories of our rescue dogs and cats that have landed on their paws and are now living in their forever homes. Read what happiness they have brought  to people of all walks of life. It's these happy endings  that  make up for all the heartache and hard work.