George will be 14 next month and is going great. He still has his two walks a day and even has a bit of a run around with our other rescue border collie, Rusty, who is 4. They are great buddies. George lost his soulmate, our other rescue border collie, Rufus, a few years ago ) and was very sad for a few months, as we all were. But having the youngster Rusty around has given him a new lease on life and he is quite an energetic senior citizen now, although he does like to snooze in between walks.

We have moved to a larger property in the Bellarine with lots of space and endless beaches for George and Rusty. We dearly hope George has a few good years in him still.

We really appreciate Victorian Dog Rescue and the opportunity to adopt George.

  • George,
  • George and Rusty,