We decided to adopt rather than buy because there are so many dogs who need a second chance at a happy life, we also wanted an older dog because puppies seem to find homes easier. Kara is the most beautiful little dog and has settled in better than I thought she would, she is a bit nervy though and always wants to sleep "touching" you.

She follows everyone around to see what's happening but Kara has decided that our 21 year old daughter is her favourite person. She has made every room (apart from the guinea pig room) her own and sleeps wherever she can sit with one of us, she really loves "sunning" herself in her backyard and lays on the deck like she owns it.

Kara gets to meet her Nana and Pa this week and will love all the attention she gets, she loves going for walks with her Dad and so far has liked every dog she's met on the way although if a dog walks past her house she lets everyone know. It seems Kara is settling in and loving life here in her new home.