Tarragon aka Bomb

We instantly called him Bomb because he answered to it and he was a power pack of energy anyway. Initially he was happy to be wrapped up and loved like a baby, never leaving our side. Our older dog Ty acted as if he tolerated him but secretly loved the company - Ty was getting old and we wanted to get him a companion with energy and zest. Before long Bomb was right at home. He brightened up our day and adored Ty, walking in is shadow always.

The next year we had Charlie our son, Bombie instantly was protector and guard. As Charlie grew, the bond strengthened - now they’re inseparable.

Our Ty grew older and sadly passed in 2019.

Poor Bomb was lost without him, being depressed for months he lost his flare and wasn’t sure what his place was, but over time he has gained back ground and now seems older and more mature.

He’s a patient and loving dog, fiercely loyal.

He has a happy home and is a big part of our family.

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