Vanya aka Parker

Parker is doing very well. He is the most beautiful little soul. We had our 6 year gotcha day last week.

I now have 4 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats living at home with me. I never intended to have that many, but they all just found their way to me for different reasons. He is so funny because he hates all cats except his two cats, and will happily let them sleep next to him on the couch. He loves his brother and sisters, but is the most independent of the lot. He never pushes for attention and will always wait patiently for me to come and pick him up for cuddles.

He loves going for walks in the bush and rolling in anything smelly he can find. He loves car rides. He sleeps under the doona cover! Hates swimming. He has a very special bond with my younger sister which is just beautiful to watch.

My favourite thing about him is that he always knows when I am upset... he will come and sit on my lap and just look at me, or give me kisses, or cuddle in next to me, or follow me to the bathroom and sit on the bathmat.

We had a bit of a scare earlier on this year. He had surgery in February to remove a large growth from between his shoulder blades. He is fully recovered now and there were no nasties in the growth, but it has left a pretty big scar.

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