RIP Lone Ranger

Dear Lone Ranger, We are so sorry we had to give permission for the vet to euthanase you today. You were not well yesterday, overnighted at the vets, and when the blood tests came back they showed you had such serious issues. There was a long name for it but you had crashed, were crying in in pain, defecating and vomiting, and the vet said it was the same advice they would give to anyone with their beloved cat.

We didn‘t get to know you and we are sorry your last weeks were spent at a kennel. But at least you were fed and warm. And kindly treated. You had had all your vetwork done, we had just arranged some publicity for you, and found you a carer in Melbourne. We are so sorry that this is the way it is.

Why did your family leave you at the pound when they went to Queensland ? IF they read this would they care. Probably not.

We are so tired of picking up the pieces of other people’s lack of responsibility. We are so tired of the heartbreak involved in rescue.

Most of all we are just so sorry we couldn’t do more for you to make up for these uncaring people.

We will make sure that at least your body is treated with the dignity that you weren’t given by your family.

Goodbye Lone Ranger.

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