RIP Monty

There are no songs, poems or verses that could even come close to describing what you meant to us and what you brought into our lives. Your time was way too short, but the love you shared with us was unconditional and plentiful. Your bond with Bobby had to be seen to be believed. Our two musketeers setting out on new adventures each day. Your little dance every day at walk time and those little legs trotting along the footpath or running across the parkland.

Those little legs that eventually failed you, and we had to take you walking in a pusher because you loved your daily outing so much. The evenings when you would sneak into the lounge to get the best seat in front of the television and later hurry off to the bedroom to get the best position on the bed much to Bobby’s annoyance.

You were so frail and yet so full of life, but eventually that tiny body could not cope anymore and we were forced to make the hardest decision of our lives. You fought a good fight little fella but the odds were against you. You came back so many times from adversity but we finally had to let go and do what we were sure you would want us to do. You were so weak and tired as you commenced your journey to the Rainbow Bridge and we were broken hearted as we held you one last time, until the suffering ceased and you were free of the pain.

Run free little Monty and enjoy being a puppy again, but don’t forget to wait for us and the time when we will all be reunited as a family. We will look for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Goodbye little man and thanks for the lovely memories. You will never be forgotten.

Greg, Barb and Bobby

Monty, Monty,