RIP Princess

We were looking for an elderly dog to keep our 14 year old Bichon Frise, Niles, company as he was sorely missing his long time companion when she passed. We found Princess on the web, she was cute, close to Niles in age and needed a home. We brought her home and she quickly hit it off with Niles proving to be a great companion to him.

Although she had plenty of spunk for a good walk, she was also happy to curl up at home and sleep the day away with Niles. She sensed when he was a bit lost or lonely and would hear him whining softly and quickly get up and go to him to give him the reassurance he needed (the vet thought he was suffering a bit of dementia).

She was also a great companion for me and slept by my bed and followed me around. We were able to cure her skin problems and she really led a fairly active life for an old dog right up to the end. She loved the house, the people and - we quickly learnt - a drink, so we had to warn visitors not to leave their glasses within doggie reach.

When Niles passed at the beginning of this year she also took his loss in her stride and was quite content at home during the day and happy to greet us when we arrived home. I will certainly miss her and I'm really grateful to have had her company in the last couple of years of her life.

Princess, Princess,