RIP Samara

Sadly on 14 July we had to say goodbye to Samara. What a beautiful girl she was. Samara came as a foster dog and stayed for 10 months as she wasn’t able to be adopted due to health issues. Everyone fell in love with Samara. She adapted immediately to our home with our existing dog and cat and started to enjoy life in a house with a bed, toys, walks and good food - how Samara loved her food. When first she came she couldn’t wait to get to her food bowl and ate so quickly she almost choked. After several days of being shown and following our other dog’s lead, she learnt to sit and wait before tucking in. Never say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks - Samara was 13 years old.

I am finding it very hard to write this as I loved Samara very much and felt very privileged to be able to provide her with a loving home for her last few months. Samara went to sleep very peacefully at home being cuddled and with almost a waft of a smile on her sweet face as she had clearly traveled her road for long enough.

RIP Samara you will be greatly missed.

Samara came to us from the pound after her owners were notified she was there but did not choose to collect her. She was the sweetest, best natured dog.We soon found out that Samara had spinal myelopathy. We, and Samara, were so fortunate that Susan, her carer, continued to look after her during the following months. Spinal myelopathy is a horrible incurable progressive disease of the spinal cord. Dogs find it more and more difficult to get up and they become over time more and more incontinent as the messages are not passed through the cord. To do this for your own dog that you love and have had for years is hard, to do it for a dog that you scarcely know is truly inspiring.

Thank you Susan for giving Samara those months of happiness and probably a better life than she had ever had before.